Anna Adamo (1991, Sesto San Giovanni, Milano) investigate intimate, detailed portraits of my mother and my daily life. I approached to photography in my childhood with my brother's camera. After the artistic studies I took part on the first national competition established by Leica, with the project ’’This is our youth’’ and I won along with 5 others.

Here I got scouted by a member of the jury, Magnum’s member Alex Majoli, whom later proposed me a work experience with the collective of photographer and photojournalist, Cesura, which he founded.

After having worked there as an intern for three months, I have been working there as a collaborator for five years.

I has documented the daily life of various underground scenarios such as Gabbers, punks, alternative social groups in Italy and during my trips.

From 2018 I works as a photographer freelance developing long-term personal projects, but also began to take my first steps in the fashion’s world with my vision.

I seek to challenge my understanding of the relationship between reality and fantasy by creating images, I try to create images that give me the opportunity to keep questioning on them.
I am not looking for the truth,
I am looking for intensity and breaking points, questions.

More on: www.cesura.it
My daily diary: www.rottentimes.tumblr.com – CV on request

Portrait credit: Matteo Buonomo