I seek to challenge my understanding of the relationship between reality and fantasy by creating images.
I aim to bring awareness to things that otherwise we might not see. I try to create images that give me the opportunity
to live as painlessly as possible. It is not a matter of beauty, good taste does not belong to me.

Anna Adamo was born in 1991 in a small city close to Milan.
She approached photography when she was very young with her brother's camera. She then attended artistic studies at the institute of Arts of Monza, where she starts to have a more intimate approach to photography but dropped out of school before achieving a diploma.
However, even without a solid educational background, she begins to build her way up in this world.
In 2011 she took part on the first national competition established by Leica, with the project ‘’This is our youth’’ and won along with 5 others. Here she got scouted by a member of the jury, Magnum’s member Alex Majoli whom later proposed her a work experience with the collective of photographer and photojournalist, Cesura, which he founded.
After having worked there as an intern for three months, she’s since been working there as a collaborator.
Now she works as a photographer freelance developing personal projects.

More on: www.cesura.it
My daily diary: www.rottentimes.tumblr.com – CV on request

Portrait credit: Claudio Majorana