I started going to hardcore party with my friends in 2014, there are just two clubs in Italy where you can still listen to this music, they’re called Florida and NumberOne. In this third dimension i felt like never before, most of the pictures i took are during when they were taking a breath, they're kind of lost and dreamy. Through my adolescence I passed different steps, and give been listening thousands of musical genres, I have this passion for the subcultures, even the small one, and I think they should be followed and documented.

Gabber is a subculture born in Rotterdam in 1991 at the same time of the creation of hardcore music, at the beginning was known for the 130 bpm and was smoother than what we can listen now.
The main characteristic of Gabbers is the look, they dress all signed From Nike, Fila, Sergio tacchini and other sport’s brand, they usually are an explosion of colors.
If at the beginning the shaven-headed was just aesthetic, subsequently the look morphed, increasingly looking more like Skinheads, the type of ultras from Northern Europe.
That’s why the shape of the movement start changing, at the beginning it was recognized as apolitical one, but, in this second fase some are attributing fascist’s ideology and in rare cases nazi to the subculture; they were showing their support showing pins and political patches from the extreme right. This tendency didn’t grow up because most of them were from different culture, having as a main reason the visceral love for this new music, however, the idea of being from the extreme right brought misunderstandings in the movement between other people because the term ‘’Gabber’’ means ‘’Friend’’, they’re not welcome from real Skinheads and, mostly in Italy were they begin of being hated and persecuted from them with real punitive missions, after all the movement continued as apolitical subculture.

My bodywork is included in the major exhibition on electronic music presented at The Philharmonie di Paris in 2018, later exposed also at the Biennale di Venezia 2019, currently the exhibition is possible to visit it in London at the Design Museum.

In the conception of curator Jean-Yves Leloup, Electro is an experiential exhibition involving creative professionals from various disciplines – Jean-Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier, Soundwalk Collective, Moritz Simon Geist, Bruno Peinado, 1024 architecture and Jacob Khrist, among others – asking them for an active contribution to describe the imagery, the locations, the myths, the innovations, the relations with the other arts in electronic dance music. This is the “music of machines”, which since the first rave parties in England, the new beat music in Belgium along with the underground clubs of Detroit and Chicago, over the course of thirty years would assert itself as an artistic trend to become mainstream in the digital era, demonstrating an unrivaled vitality that has influenced graphic design, cinema, video, comic art, dance, plastic arts.

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