It is a zine that came out from a dream, we decide to swap our parents and start this crazy trip. It's an ongoing project, so in this zine you'll find a short serie of photos.Me and my best friend Guido Borso are always been obsessed with our parents and we're doing our own project about them, aside this zine.
We printed a serie of 50 copies.
Layouted by Mattia Losa
Graphic of Emiliano Bergonzi
Printed by Nomoire
Published by SSTARS To get your mad copy you can send an email to me at anna.adamo91@gmail.com or to Guido at borso.guido@yahoo.it
but soon you'll find it on SSTARS bigcartel
if it's weird it's right!

PAϟMA-MAϟPA from Anna Adamo on Vimeo.