Rites Of Spring is my new zine.
Printed in a limited edition of 50 copies.

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Just for emo lovers, my adolelescence.
A collection of pictures I took since I was 13een till 21 years old.

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الأنباط الماضي

I did this serie in Petra, Jordan. At the first sight I fell in love with the bedouins, I thought they were magic. In those eyes kneaded with kohl you can see something that you can't find anywhere else, and in a such touristic place like Petra I took with me the most dreamy instants. I can feel the caos anyway, always.
Is a collection of images taken during may 2016.
This publication was printed in Italy by Nomoire and layouted by Tommaso Trojani. Pictures and edit by Anna Adamo.
it is a limited edition of 30 signed copies
€ 15


DOLORES is a fantastic novel, there is a comic by EMME EMME combined with photos taken by me in 2017 during my trip with Pablo in south America.
We crossed Perù, Bolivia and all the way down in Perù till the argentinian Patagonia, we spent 3 months traveling together, and was my first time down there.
It's been the perfect mashup of Nightmares and dreams, because of me, because of Pablo, because of everything.
This is the result, and the comic pairs nicely with it.

DOLORES it's self published and it's been presented at '' The Night of Fanzine'' By Gigantic in Milano.
It is a limited edition of 25 copies.