Domani nevica
(it will snow tomorrow)
I always asked my self why is that difficult to explain and write a text for this project. I realized there could never be a right text to explain it, because is not a project,It’s my life, what I can say it’s just that is something I did unconsciously during the years. I think I started at fifteen years old, after my brother died, my mom just bought as a christmas present my first camera, I still bless this present and I will bless her forever for having done that. I just found in my camera, the things i’ve lost with my brother’s death, I started collecting pictures about things and persons who I wouldn’t want to ever lose and I’d like to keep forever with me, it’s a maniacal sensation, I need proof and made them immortal. I started developing films on films and in each of them there was always one or two pictures of her, between the rest of the pictures I was taking randomly. I grow up and i realized that all these pictures i took without apparently any real reason, were part of me, they taught me to known my self better, about my fears, my feelings, my adolescence. I didn’t have to look far, think and find a weird story in other parts of the world, everything was there, my story, is my mom, is my life with her. We have a symbiotic relationship thanks to the camera, we don’t communicate that much with words, we do it with glances, hugs and since that moment with pictures too. The name I gave to this story is ‘’Domani nevica’’ is a line my mom always repeat when she look outside of her window during the year even is summer ‘’i’m sure is snowing somewhere..’’.
Looking at the pictures, it’s perfectly the way it feels, it looks like something is going to happen, something weird she is going to do but not, it’s simple as that, she’s just like that.
and she never guessed when was going to snow for real.

this is just a small part of the serie, i'm trying to make a book.

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